RCGA rules govern all play except where modified by local rules.

1. Out of Bounds a) All boundary fences b) Gravel pit on #7 and #9 as defined by white stakes

2. Water Hazards – defined by yellow stakes Lateral Water Hazards – defined by red stakes

3. Free Relief – where a player’s stance or stroke is obstructed, the ball may be lifted and dropped (no nearer the hole!) without penalty a) Planted or staked trees b) Paths and roadways c) Areas designated “Ground Under Repair” d) Unfinished sand traps

4. Yardages – All yardages indicated are true to the center of the green (150 yards to the green, indicated by shrubs on both sides of the fairway)

5. Course Etiquette a) Proper attire must be worn at all times b) Repair Divots and ball marks c) Do not cross roped off areas d) Pull carts must stay off tees or greens e) Allow faster players through